Movie Review: Terminator Genysis

Everything is different now. Everything except the T-800’s appearance that is, as 67 year old action-hero Arnold Schwarzenegger managed to get back into the shape he was over 30 years ago. And seeing 2015 Arnie kick 1984 Arnie’s ass makes you think that maybe he is actually a freakin’ cyborg.

Terminator: Genysis doesn’t pick up from where Terminator: Salvation or even Terminator: Rise of the Machines left off. It starts way back at the very beginning and changes everything.

This movie’s main terminator, affectionately named Pop by sweet little Sarah Connor, has now been protecting the fated one since she was nine years old, in this ever altering storyline.

The film uses some of Terminator and T-2: Judgement Day’s iconic scenes, recreating them with Jai Courtney’s Kyle Reese and Emilia Clarke’s Sarah Connor. While this is done perfectly, it’s sure to divide long time fans and makes it difficult to distinguish if the film is in fact a sequel, a remake or just paying homage to the cult franchise. Or just making the already mind boggling plot even more confusing.

As given away by the trailer (what were they thinking?!), John Connor (this time played by Jason Clarke – changing the actors every film doesn’t help with the already confusing continuity!) is now the bad guy, and it’s up to his mommy and daddy to stop the now-cyborg from destroying mankind.

Emilia Clarke fills Linda Hamilton’s shoes well, adding more humanity and charm to the character than ever before. Jai Courtney also adds more likeability to Kyle Reese (but does seem like an odd casting choice as he bears no resemblance to Michael Biehn whatsoever).

You really wanna talk about the plot? Take a minute to think about it, even just from the first film. So John Connor sends his own father back in time to ensure he is created. And in Genysis, a middle aged John Connor sends 20-something Kyle back in time, meaning John is older than his own father. Hooray for time travel.

Obviously, the highlight of the movie is the aforementioned T-800 on T-800 action. The CG is brilliantly done and to see one of action movie’s most iconic character’s fighting err… himself is just awesome.

Looking past the cringeworthy title, the spoiler-ific trailer, and the almost completely incomprehensible plot, Genysis stands solid as a well-rounded action flick. It’s well acted, the visual effects are brilliant, and most importantly, Arnie is back and on top form. What more could you want!?


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