TV review: The Walking Dead S7E9 – Rock in the Road


Compared to some mid season finales of the Walking Dead, episode 8 of season 7 was pretty satisfying. The group was reunited, and it seemed like things were building up to the great All Out War storyline fans of the comic will be familiar with.

After this fairly closed ending to the mid season finale, the premiere episode of 7B was bound to go one of two ways: either pure action and bloodshed; or a talk heavy, slow build up to what’s coming. The show has already been in trouble for the graphic nature of 7A, so it was always more likely episode 8 would fall into the latter category.

Directed by Greg Nicoterro – so you know something is gonna go down – the episode does feature one of the coolest mass walker take-outs in the shows history. Other than that there’s action in places, but this episode is very much a set up to the rest of the season, establishing the stand points of each of the several groups. 

Image copyright: AMC

The main events of Rock in the Road introduce the main group to King Ezekiel, and these scenes are the highlight of the episode. Rick’s reaction to Shiva is priceless, and the wonderfully unnecessary sidekick to the King, Jerry, adds some comic relief. 

Image copyright: AMP/Variety

It’s not the fastest pick-up after a mid season break, but it serves its purpose as a refresher and lead up rolled into one, and the cliffhanger ending somewhat made up for the slow first half of the episode, leaving viewers with enough intrigue to anticipate next weeks offering.
Header image copyright: AMP/BGR


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