Too Faced x Kat Von D: Better Together and better than chocolates!

Happy Valentines Day world!

Valentines Day means romantic gifts, but flowers and chocolates just don’t cut it for me! (They don’t last long enough!)

So what’s better? How about a gorgeous eyeshadow palette and accessories from two of the greatest brands in cosmetics?

Image source: Too Faced

The palette set comes with Too Faced’s best selling Better Than Sex Mascara and Kat Von D’s amazing Tattoo Liner (which is THE best eyeliner I’ve ever used btw).

Both sides of the magnetic palettes – that snap together to make the adorable heart shape – are incredibly pigmented and soft. These are some great quality products.

Too Faced’s side features some beautiful and neutral colours that will appeal to the girly girl, or just someone who likes their eye makeup fairly subtle.

The Kat Von D side – as was the brands’ intentions to create two completely different palettes – features bolder colours.

The red shadow, ‘Swoon’, is to die for. It looks like just a red shade, but applies as a stunning metallic crimson.

Swatches + more coming soon.

The Too Faced x Kat Von D collection is available from Debenhams here.

P.S – how cute are these Valentine Tsum Tsum plushies!? Even better than just looking adorable, they smell like chocolate too!! Aaaaalll the heart eye emojis.


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