New comics for February 15th 2017

This weeks a big week for new, NEW comics! Here’s a handful of series premieres to sink your teeth into, and a peek into what’s going on elsewhere in comic books…

Batwoman Rebirth #1 (DC Comics) acts as a prologue to the new ongoing Batwoman series, and sees the DC heroine face a new bioweapon, Monster Venom. If you’re not familiar with Batwoman, now is the time to introduce yourself. The cover artwork – for both the standard cover and the variant – is phenomenal. The art inside is just as good, and Kate Kane’s red and black costume looks stunning with her fiery hair.

DC Comics: February 15, 2017
BATWOMAN REBIRTH #1 Writer: Marguerite Bennett, Art: Ben Oliver, Cover: Steve Epting

BATWOMAN REBIRTH #1 variant cover by Jae Lee
Another brand new series from DC, Super Sons #1 gives the sons of Batman and Superman their own series. This first issue tells the backstory of the wee heroes, Robin and Superboy, and introduces a new villain to the DC universe. Young heroes aren’t a new concept to DC, with Teen Titans, Teen Titans Go and Teeny Titans in their back catalogue, so making this series different is going to be a tough task. The artwork is cute, fitting the aesthetic. And from this first issue it’s clear the boys are following in their fathers’ footsteps attitude wise.

SUPER SONS #1 Writer: Peter J. Tomasi, Art: Jorge Jimenez, Cover: Jorge Jimenez

SUPER SONS #1 variant by Dustin Nguyen
Marvel premiere Doctor Strange MU #1 , tying the Doc into their Monsters Unleashed storyline. This arc sees all of Marvel’s heroes settling their differences to team up against some seriously bizarre monsters. The artwork and writing is typical for Marvel – but that’s by no means a negative!

DOCTOR STRANGE MU #1 Writer: Chip Zdarsky, Art: Julian Lopez, Cover: Chip Zdarsky

DOCTOR STRANGE MU #1 Gwenster Unleashed variant by Brian Kesinger
God Country #1 (Image comics) gets a reprint this week, so not technically a premiere, but this book is too interesting to not be mentioned. The story focuses on Emmet Quinlan, a widower with dementia suffering from violent outbursts that not only push his children away, but cause problems for the local police. This all sounds like a fairly sobering and real story, until you add an enchanted sword from the eye of a tornado into the mix. This peculiar book is worth a read, and the artwork complements the dark surrealism of the plot just right.

GOD COUNTRY #1  Writer: Donny Cates, Art: Geoff Shaw, 2nd print variant cover: Geoff Shaw

Elsewhere in the ongoings, this week Marvel released Monsters Unleashed #3, tying the Inhumans and a surprise ally into this crazy story arc.

MONSTERS UNLEASHED #3. Writer: Cullen Bunn, Art: Steve McNiven, 50s Movie Poster variant: Francesco Francavilla
Bobs Burgers (Dynamite) carries on it’s run with #3 of Volume 2, and this issue Louise stops time, Tina stops an evil villain and Bob carries on his Fantasy Food Truck delusion.

BOB’S BURGERS #3 Writers: Rachel Hastings & Brian Hall, Art: Anthony Aguinaldo & Hector Reynoso (Geek Fuel variant pictured)
And DC carries on the Harley Quinn solo series in issue #14, kicking of the Nether Regions story arc.

HARLEY QUINN #14 Writer: Amanda Connor, Art: Chad Hardin, Cover: Amanda Connor

Variant cover by Frank Cho
That’ll do for this week. What comics have you been reading this week? Tried anything new? Which forthcoming issues are you looking forward to? Let me know in the comments!


Images sourced from Go Collect.


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