TV Review: The Walking Dead S7E10 – New Best Friends

Following on from last weeks episode, New Best Friends picks up some pace but still carries on that steady incline to the next main event fans of the show are familiar with. 
There’s more confrontation between the Kingdom and the Saviours, and the introduction of a new group that could deem themselves useful in bringing Negan down – as is the big plan for this season. 

Rick has to prove himself to this group though, and does so in a gut wrenching scene that seems to prove the masterminds behind the scenes of the show are really upping their SFX game this season. 

There’s a reunion that will tug on your heartstrings, but doesn’t seem to stand for anything other than that – an emotional break from all the talking. 

The season is definitely building momentum, and if the show follows the same path as the comic books (or even if it doesn’t) there’s no doubt the climax is going to be something spectacular. 

All images from IMDb


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