Movie Review: Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom + 4DX review

The second film in the Jurassic Park sequel/reboot series, Jurassic World, takes a different path to its predecessor. Colin Trevorrow (director of the first movie) and Derek Connolly both return as screenwriters, creating a film that on paper feels inspired more by The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard return to their roles as Owen and Claire, and really, nothing has changed in their personalities or relationship. The pair, along with Claire’s workmates (a quite stereotypical pairing of tough girl and nerdy guy) return to Isla Nublar to save the dinos from extinction… again. But, it doesn’t take long for them to learn the team who sent them to the island didn’t have quite as honest intentions as they first thought, in a plot twist that serves as a gutterpuch to fans-from-the-beginning of the franchise.

The adorable Baby Blue! This image and featured image courtesy of Universal Pictures.

There sadly isn’t much more Jeff Goldblum than we see in the movies trailers, but any Goldblum is better than none, even if he is used mainly as a warm up for the film’s action.

And there’s certainly a lot of action. Visually the film is magnificent, but it does feel a little like the action takes over the plot, cramming as many dino fights and villainous double-crossing into the rest of the movie as possible. It’s because of this that one of the films biggest and most shocking reveals is mentioned and brushed over with such pace that you could easily blink and miss it.

Lifelong fans of Jurassic Park might find details to complain about, but as with this and every other long-standing franchise (Star Wars anyone?), when you’ve grown up adoring a movie/movies, anything other than the original just isn’t going to hold that special place in your heart. But looking at Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom as the fresh-faced sequel that it is, while the plot portrayal may not be perfect, but as a dinosaur action movie, there’s not a lot to complain about.

Courtesy of Cineworld Cinemas.

Now it’s pretty common knowledge that Fallen Kingdom hasn’t been pleasing critics, but as you can probably tell, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, flaws and all. Although, my views may have been swayed because of HOW I saw the movie. Viewing in 4DX made for a fantastic experience – I really can’t think of a better film to watch in a multi-sensory screening.

This was my first time seeing a film in 4DX, and I was quite shocked at just how much power you get from your comfy little seat. The seat’s movements were way more dramatic than I expected (definitely heed the safety warnings people!), and the sprinkles of water when there was rain onscreen was a very immersive touch. But by far the best part in my opinion were THE SMELLS! Being able to smell trees as the camera panned over them was just great. I know, simple things…, but it reminded me of Soarin’ at Disney!

I can’t imagine going to 4DX screenings all the time, but as an occasional thing, it would be a brilliant way to experience the right movie.

What did you think to Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom? And have you seen a movie in 4DX? What were your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!


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