Introducing: Book Club Sundays

I’ve always been a book nerd. My parents always encouraged me to read, and even to this day I LOVE getting lost in a good book or comic book/ trade paperback (I also secretly judge people who don’t like to read).

It’s with my love for literature in mind that I decided to start a little book club with my fellow book nerd, Katy, and thought it might be fun to bring it to the blog.

The rules of the One Gurl Riot Book Club are simple (we’re not like Fight Club, you can talk about us):

  • Each MONTH we’ll pick a book to read, splitting that book into equal parts depending on how many weeks in that month
  • Each WEEK (Sunday) we’ll discuss those chapters
  • The penultimate week we’ll announce the next months book
  • I’ll post a review of each book each month too!

Seen as we’re already a couple of weeks into July, we’ll officially start the Club next month, with the title being: Into The Water by Paula Hawkins.

You might have heard of Paula Hawkins, after her (rightfully) critically acclaimed novel, Girl on the Train, became a critically acclaimed movie. GotT was an incredibly enthralling read, so I am CRAZY excited to read Into The Water.

I’ll be tweeting (spoiler-free) updates, leading up to each ‘meeting’, the first of which will be Sunday 5th August. Hope to ‘see’ you there!

into the water paula hawkins


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